So I just signed up for the #ExperienceBosch challenge. It is a 16 day trip to six destinations worldwide where you learn more about Bosch and their products in action. Here is what I wrote as a motivational letter:

There is a multitude of reasons why I am the perfect Bosch explorer so I will try to keep it simple.

First, I am an Explorer. I just returned from a three week backpacking trip through morocco, in the last four years I have lived in Germany, France, the UK and the United States in addition to travelling to Spain, Switzerland, Poland, China and Indonesia. I speak German, French and English fluently and just started learning Spanish.

Second, I am a digital native. Apart from actively using Twitter and Facebook, I have worked in several internet start-ups, won a scholarship to an eBootcamp at Stanford University and founded (and failed with) 2 companies in the internet sector.

Third, I am a little crazy. Just google for “Philipp von Hammerstein Döner” – that is the third company I founded.

Last but not least: I really want to get to known a company that produces physical products so I can reassure you that I will be an attentive listener and that I will bother you with any question that comes to my mind.

I’ m quite interested whether they’ll take me 🙂