Tough Mudder 2015

I initially set out to run a Tough Mudder in November when a good friend of mine asked me whether I wanted to do it with her. At that time I was horribly unathletic but had just started to go to the gym regularly and thought that this might be easier if I was training towards a target so I agreed, unknowing of what that would mean.

Together, we went to the gym regularly and started Tabata training, led by an incredible trainer that would continuously push us to our limits which quickly resulted in first improvements (and me being unable to wash my hair properly for several weeks as I just couldn’t move my arms high enough anymore).

In addition, I started running in the forests around Vallendar, beginning with 4km and slowly increasing to 12km at the end.

When the big weekend came, I was an intern at Deloitte Digital in Munich so on Friday afternoon I got in my car, drove to Erlangen where I picked up her little sister who had decided to join our team. We continued to Bonn to pick her up and then onwards to Arnsberg where we would start the next day at 10am. As always, things didn’t go according to plan as we needed 9h instead of the planned 7h and when we arrived at our hotel at 1am we were unable to find the entrance (we had to pick up the key at a partner hotel half an hour away and were the only guests at ours, therefore they didn’t see the need to have a night portier). After an hour of frenetic search and almost giving up, deciding to sleep in the car we got lucky and finally found a door that matched our keys.

After 4 1/2h of sleep we got up, had some breakfast and then drove to the event location where many pumped up Mudders were already swarming the place. When it was our cohorts turn, we warmed up and then went to the start area. To get there, we had to climb a 2m high wooden wall and as I just reached the top an overly ambitious Mudder pushed me, resulting in me falling onto my hands, leading to some pain in my right wrist for the first kilometers. After taking the obligatory oath we went our ways.

The tough mudder is a challenge, not a race. I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time. I do not whine, kids whine. I help my fellow mudders complete the course. And I overcome all my fears.

The run itself was a little over 18km, sporting 19 obstacles including the all-time favorites Arctic Enegma 2.0, Birth Canal, Berlin Wall and the obligatory Electroshock Therapy we arrived with a few scratches and covered in dirt at the finish line. We managed to overcome every obstacle except for the Funky Monkey 2.0 where all three of us landed in the water after the first few bars. The atmosphere was festival-like with everyone enjoying the challenge and reminded me a lot of a very relaxed festival.

Overall, it was an awesome experience and I am proud of what we achieved as a team. Therefore, I quite certain that this was not my last Tough Mudder.