7 Habits From Navy SEALs

I recently stumbled upon this article in Business Insider  “7 Habits from Navy SEALs that will make you more successful” and really liked it. I believe that these habits not only make you more successful, they lead to better relationships with others, lead to more interesting conversations and are therefore principles to live by.

So here are the 7 habits in the short form:

  1. Be loyal.
  2. Put others before yourself.
  3. Be reflective.
  4. Be obsessively organized.
  5. Assume you don’t know enough.
  6. Be detail-oriented.
  7. Never get comfortable.

When looking at these 7 routines I realize that I still have a lot of room for improvement, especially when it comes to organization and detail-orientation. However, I believe that I could do much worse for the first three so I believe I am on a good track and hope that I’ ll continue to get better at the others.

Flow – they have it.

A friend of mine, Christian, sent me this video about a year ago. I totally forgot about it until this morning when I was trying to find it again but was unable to remember the title or anything so I wrote him. Our conversation went sort of like this:

Me: “Dude. Remember you showed me that video of a couple dancing swing once?”

Him: “Man – you have any idea how many dancing videos I have seen and shown to other people?” (fyi  – he was a dancing instructor)

Me: “She was blond and the guy was wearing a hat.”

Him: “Hold on. I got it.”

So thanks to him here you have it. In this video Maxence and Tatiana show an incredible amount of what I’ d like to call “flow”. They harmonize perfectly and you can almost see the spark between them. There is a dynamic between them that I truly admire.