Hunting License – Intro

As I said here, one of my goals is to acquire the hunting license, which is necessary to be allowed to go hunting within Germany. As this is quite a controversial topic I’ d like to state a few thoughts on the topic and my personal reasons why I chose to do this.

I believe that using a gun is a highly dangerous thing and I will never have a weapon in my house as I want to minimize the risk of any possible accident. When looking to the US or also just within Germany it becomes obvious, that having a weapon in your home is definitely not a good idea.

When using a gun to shoot an animal, one suddenly plays god (or whatever higher force you might believe in). One decides over life or death and as I am vividly against death penalty, it is a little odd that I don’t apply the same measures for animals.

For me personally, doing this license has several reasons. Firstly, my family owns a little bit of forest and I have so far to understand a single thing about forestry. Second, my interest in biology in school was below 0 so I don’ t have any memory of it, except for when we were two cut a fish open in third grade (I almost threw up). However, I recently discovered, that I like hiking (yes… I am getting old) but I have no idea about neither forestry nor the animals that populate our forests. Third, I like meat so becoming a vegetarian is not an option for me. Buying the meat in the supermarket is also not the best option as these animals have most likely not had a happy life (EVEN if it says “bio” on them). So I was very impressed when Mark Zuckerberg stated, that he will only eat meat he killed himself. I am not yet there but I think that he has a very good approach. Lastly, there would be a huge overpopulation of animals if it weren’t for hunters. Now one might argue that this would not be the case after some years of leaving the animals to themselves. This would however result in a multitude of new problems, including diseases, potential harmed humans and last but not least, it would probably not be as safe talking a nice stroll in a forest anymore.

All this resulted in my decision to do the hunting license. In the following I will keep you up-to-date on my progress.

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