Hunting License Part III

I did it!!

After two training days on the 24th and 25th I finally passed my shooting test yesterday! The training itself went really well after some initial warm up problems. When shooting the final round at each category, I took down 13 out of 15 doves, hit 10, 10, 9, 8 and 5 points at the boar and hit perfect score (50 out of 50 points) at the deer stand. Therefore, I was rather relaxed when I arrived at the shooting range Saturday morning 8am. Together with another student I was greeted by a total of 12 testers. The atmosphere was very relaxed and I started out at the deer stand shooting 37 points (I was rather shaky… you know the feeling ;-). After that I continued to the boar and needed 3 shots to pass as the first one was too low. Finally, we continued to shoot skeet where I had my five pigeons down after six shots. After a little speech I was handed my test certificate and am now incredibly happy!

2014-05-09 11.30.12

This also marks the completion of my first goal – pass the hunting license :-).

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