Motorboat and Sailing license

As I wrote here, one of my goals is to do my motorboat and sailing licenses. In Germany there are a multitude of different options for this ranging from inland waters only to full captain’s patents. I choose to go for the inland water license as this is most likely the one I really need. After some internal discussions, my whole family decided to participate and my father, my brother and I set the ambitious goal to do the license in just little over 3 weeks. We settled on the Segelschule Hering, a nice and well located school in Berlin. So for the last few weeks I spent a lot of time out on the water (25h of practical training are necessary) and we all went to the theoretical instructions which lasted a full weekend. Yesterday we had the theoretical exam which is set to last 1h but it took everyone at most 15 minutes to complete. We all passed and the next morning we were at the Nikolassee to do the practical exam both for motorboat and sailing. We started out with a knot exam, showing off 7 different knots that were rather easy to remember once you got the hang of them. As there was a little wind and the prediction was that it would tune down later, we then directly proceeded to our sailing boats and got out on the lake. One boat after the other was examined and although I made a little mistake ( I jibed when I really should have gone straight), I passed and so did my dad and my brother. We then continued with the motorboat exam which consisted of doing a man overboard manoeuvre  and landing the boat. Fortunately, we all passed this part as well and therefore are now allowed to steer both types of boats.

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