Building a Speaker – first attempt: fail

After the shopping was done, I started out together with Philip (a friend of mine) to build the speaker. We initially hat some problems soldering the different parts onto the circuit board as we had never done this before but quickly developed a working routine. It took us two evenings to put everything together and then we plugged in my iPhone, hoping things would magically work. But they didn’t. Our first thought was that we did something wrong with the energy or sound wiring so we thoroughly checked that but couldn’ t discover any mistakes. After 45 minutes of staring at the finished speaker without a clue what went wrong, I discovered the mistake. I had inverted the numbering of the sides of the plate and therefore everything was exactly opposite of where it should be.

Lesson learned: A good preparation in the beginning of a project will save you tons of frustration and anger in the end.

Next step: Go back to the electronic stores, buy all the tiny appliances again and give it another shot.

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